BOARDER TRACES , Bogota' - A declaration of Existence

This project is a multimedia work, which started from an earlier project, Oxytocin, in London, and developed through different art residencies in different places in Colombia. The focus of the work is in the last barrio of Bogota' called Barrio Arabia where I found an Embera family and I collaborated with them in order the create a metaphor of the result of 40 years of civil war in Colombia . The footprints are steps of children walking on the effects of the history of the country. The Emberá people also known in the historical literature as the Chocó or Katío Indians are an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia. There are approximately 33,000 people living in Panama and 50,000 in Colombia who identify as Emberá. The project is also a reflection about the concept of Border . In this case, the last barrio of Bogota' represents the line between the city and the countryside , the rural and the urban .