Hoja Santa Edit

HOJA SANTA  (2017 - 2020) Hoja Santa is a herb largely used in traditional medicine and kitchen in Costa Chica, Oaxaca.  I had been visiting Juliana and her daughter and living with her family for more then a year, in Jose Maria Morelos. I have learned about local tradition and all the aspects of the women society in such a difficult and isolated area of Mexico. I met local healers and midwifes, but also “queridas”( mistresses), abandoned women, widows, single mothers or mothers of many children. The initial project about women became my own journey, like the shadow line, into the origin, the womb, and back. I found many parallels with my own life and female relationships and suffering ,features of feminism, proudness and it’s shadows. Into the womb of mama Africa and back. Every person I met, is a character in the journey. I used mixed media collages and painted photographs to describe aspects of that spell, I can’t photograph but I can feel. I created a book from this project during a one year lab with a publisher in Mexico City in 2019, Hydra + Fotografia. Now the book project needs founding in order to come to life. The book has a cover made from a fabric dyed with natural dies from Oaxaca, as the work is site specific. The project’s KEYWORDS are: womb, intensity, journey, femininity, black